Rules on Smoking/Jewellery/Uniforms/Officials/ID Cards/Team Sheets

These were extracted from Football NSW and Granville Association rules.

No Smoking

(a) inside the technical area
(b) inside the ropes
(c) inside the change rooms
(d) within close to the canteen, that is, 10 meters
Football NSW directive –

Players must wear absolutely NO jewellery of any kind

...not even taped or bandaged over! (Football NSW directive)

Absolutely NO alcohol to be consumed on the parks

until AFTER the LAST game is played!

Any player NOT wearing the clubs (complete) uniform will not be allowed to play 


Team Sheets

(a) ALL players names and FFA number MUST be on the Teams Sheet before the start of the game, otherwise he/she CANNOT play! No exception.

(b) Check the scores and offences before taking from the referee at the end of the game.

(c) Ensure the referee initials any changes to score or offences.

ID Cards

(a) ALL Players and Officials MUST have ID cards to stay within the ropes or technical area. A maximum of 5 Players and a maximum of 3 Officials are allowed inside the ropes or technical areas.

(b) A player CANNOT play until their correct ID card has been identified.

(c) A team failing to produce the correct ID cards will automatically forfeit the match and no game is to be played. If a friendly game is played thereafter, and it shouldn’t, it will NOT be covered by insurance.

(d) If the team with cards elects to play the team without cards, then the team with cards has forfieted its right to the automatic victory and any appeal, and the result of that match will stand.

Codes of Conduct.

We list here what we expect of Granville Waratah Players, based on the NSW Soccer May 2004 short version.  Players, Parents and others attending games should also also note the Football NSW Spectator Code of Behaviour

1. Play by the rules and understand the spirit of the game.
2. Play to win and never set out to lose.
3. Play fair to earn respect and to detest cheats.
4. Refrain from sexual harassment towards fellow players, coaches and officials.
5. Never argue with an official, captain, coach or manager who is there to maintain discipline and fair play.
6. Control your temper and avoid verbal abuse, sledging or deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent,
7. Be honest with the coach concerning illness and injury.
8. Work equally hard for yourself and/or your team.
9. Be a good sport and applaud all good plays.
10. Accept defeat with dignity and don’t seek excuses for defeat or blame the referee or anyone else.
11. Promote the interests of football and encourage other people to watch it or play it fairly.
12. Treat all participants equally, and reject corruption, drugs, racism, violence and other dangers to our sport.
13. Help others to resist corrupting pressures and remind them of their commitment to their team and the game.
14. Co-operate with your coach, team-mates and opponents.
15. Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit.
16. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants, coaches and officials.


Getting to Robin Thomas

Our home field, “Robin Thomas reserve” is situated on the eastern edge of Parramatta City. Finding it can be a little hard as some maps don’t show the parking area as part of the reserve. The street address of Robin Thomas is listed as “Harris St.”, but actually, by car, you enter the reserve from “George St.”, a one way street.

Please refer to a map of the area – a google map is below

Note that George St. is a one way street heading east from the centre of Parramatta. The entry to Robin Thomas Reserve is about 80m on the right after the intersection with Harris St. If coming along George St, avoid using the underpass under Harris St, it makes the turn into Robin Thomas somewhat dangerous, particularly if you don’t know the spot.

Note that on the Northern side of the River, Harris St. becomes Macarthur St. If approaching from that side (that is, you are heading south), the turn is just off the end of the bridge.

If approaching from the Southern end along Harris St., it is legal to do the right turn into George St., but sometimes it takes a little while to get through.

If you are approaching the area along James Ruse Drive, you will want to turn into Hassall St. Hassall St. swings into Parkes St. and you then turn right into Harris St. before turning into George St.

There is also a council parking area (fees apply) at the southern end of the field – in the stub of Hassall St. after the merge point with Parkes St.

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Robin Thomas Reserve – about 2015

Club House

Our club house is within Robin Thomas Reserve. It is the sandstone building at the North West corner of the fields, closer to Harris Street.

The clubhouse was built in the 1970’s by club members with the aid of a government grant. The sandstone bricks came from another building demolished from the same site – one of the out-buildings of the “Purchase” nursery which was a prior inhabitant of the site.

The entry to the club house if on the side away from the road.