Round One

Our first set of games are due this coming Saturday (4th of July).  It has been  a long time coming.  See below for our fixtures.

Some things must be done this week to make Saturday go off well:

  • If you have not paid your regos – arrange to pay.  Anybody who has not  paid by Wednesday is unlikely to be able to play in round 1.  Talk to Andy ASAP if you are having technical or other problems.
  • If you have not provided your ID (proof of age for younger players), please do so NOW!   Send an email to Andy, you will have an e-mail from him requesting it. Anybody who has not  done this by Wednesday is unlikely to be able to play in round 1
  • Everyone will need team shorts and socks. If you have them from last year and they still fit, that will be okay.  For everyone else, we will be selling them on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 5:45pm at Belmore Park. Socks are $10 and shorts $20.   To make it quicker, please know your shoe size in Australian shoe size units and your waist size in cm. 
  • Ensure you have contact details for your coach and they have yours, and know which team you are in.
  • Train hard and listen to  your coach’s advice.
  • Please remember that the club  committee will, this week, have its most stressful week ever as we both move and set up for round one in the same week.  If we seem a bit stressed, please understand 😉  and help us get things done. Thanks.

Granville Waratah Fixtures

WARNING – U7 home game time changes. Games starting later.  Look for your team below.

Date Time AG/Div Home Team Away Team Ground/comments
03/07/20 18:15 Premier League/Reserve Grade 27PLR Rydalmere FC 11PLR Granville Waratah Rydalmere Park 3
03/07/20 20:15 Premier League/First Grade 27PLF Rydalmere FC 11PLF Granville Waratah Rydalmere Park 3
04/07/20 09:00 06/Possums 1106P Granville Waratah 2906P Wenty Waratah Belmore Park 2A
04/07/20 10:40


Time Change

1107K Granville Waratah 2907K Wenty Waratah Belmore Park 2A
04/07/20 09:00 08/Koalas 2708KWHT Rydalmere FC 1108K Granville Waratah Rydalmere Park 1B1
04/07/20 09:00 09/Koalas 1109K Granville Waratah 2809K Toongabbie Belmore Park 2C
04/07/20 09:00 10/Dolphins 1110D Granville Waratah 1910D Merrylands SFC Belmore Park 2D
04/07/20 09:00 10/Koalas 1910K Merrylands SFC 1110K Granville Waratah Merrylands Park 2B
04/07/20 09:00 12/4 11124 Granville Waratah 29124 Wenty Waratah Belmore Park 1
04/07/20 09:50 06/Wombats 1106W Granville Waratah 0806W Guildford County Belmore Park 2A
04/07/20 11:30


Time Change

1107P Granville Waratah 2707P Rydalmere FC Belmore Park 2A
04/07/20 09:50 09/Wombats 1109W Granville Waratah 1409W Holroyd Rangers Belmore Park 2C
04/07/20 10:00 10/Wombats 1110W Granville Waratah 3910W Newington Gunners Belmore Park 2D
04/07/20 10:00 12/3 02123 Auburn District 11123 Granville Waratah Progress Park 3
04/07/20 10:05 14/3 38143 Wentworthville Uniting FC 11143 Granville Waratah Jones Park No. 2
04/07/20 10:15 16/Com 1116 Granville Waratah 2816BLK Toongabbie Belmore Park 1
04/07/20 10:40 08/Possums 1108P Granville Waratah 2808P Toongabbie Belmore Park 2C
04/07/20 10:45 11/Koalas 2711K Rydalmere FC 1111K Granville Waratah Rydalmere Park 1C1
04/07/20 11:30 08/Wombats 1108W Granville Waratah 2708W Rydalmere FC Belmore Park 2C
04/07/20 15:00 All Age Men/4 12AAM4 Greystanes FC 11AAM4 Granville Waratah Alpha Road

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