Coaches – registration and working with children checks.

Hi Coaches,

We need you to do two things for us – obtain a “Working with Children” check and to register as a coach. Details below:

Working With Children checks

These are an important part of running a children’s team and we do need you to do it.  We have a legal requirement to ensure this is done promptly.

First note that if you already have done this, that is, you have a WWC number. Please just e-mail that (and date of both) to club secretary Tony.  And you don’t have to repeat this each year, it normally lasts 10 years.

There are two parts. First go to this link and apply for a check using the on-line form. Please ensure you spell your name exactly as per your driver’s licence or what ever other ID you use. Apply as a volunteer – otherwise they will want to charge you.  Service NSW will e-mail a number, normally starting with “APP”.

The second part is that you take that number down to service NSW (which ever one is convenient for you, the closest to us is 27 – 31 Argyle Street Parramatta.) They will want to see the number and your driver’s licence. It shouldn’t take long.

Finally Service NSW will e-mail you a WWC number (may take a few days).  Please end that and your DOB to club secretary Tony.

Registering as a Coach

You need to do this every year!  But after the first year it should be quick.

We also need you to register as a coach in My Football club – the same system you might have used to register your children to play.  Use the “Register On Line” link to the right.  The process is then as follows:

  •  If you don’t have an FFA number, then create an FFA account.
  • Log into your account and select “Register”
  • In “Step 1”, select the club – “Granville Waratah Soccer Football Club”.  Warning, multiple club names start with “Granville” so make sure get us.
  • In “Step 2”, select “Coach”.  It will prompt you for the age group you are coaching.
  • In “Step 3” select “Coach: for 2018 season”
  • Then invoke “Add Packages”.
  • Invoke Next, accept the conditions.  Then invoke “Next” on the payment page (No payment is required).

That it.   As well as ensuring we have your details correct, FFA will e-mail send, about once a month, some coaching tips.