Season 2023 registration is now open

Dear Waratahs,


Finally the wait is over, season 2023 registration is now open and we are back on the pitch soon.

We are very excited and after the FIFA Qatar 2022 Men World Cup concluded recently and with the FIFA Women World Cup in our back yard this year, we are excepting a great season. Register now and take advantage of the 10% discount before 31/01/23. 
Please note, full payment must be made before 31/01/23 to get the discount. 

So what are you waiting for, Click the link below to start your registration.

Registration link , click here. 


And don’t forget your Acrive Kids  voucher.

Apply here

see you all on the pitch soon. 




Dear Waratahs, 

We are not waiting for next winter, we are starting our Season 2023 RECRUITMENT DRIVE NOW!

We are the BEST Club in the PARRAMATTA area and perfectly located for you to become a Blue and Gold Waratah.

Whether you are an under 6, senior, experienced or newbie, EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN OUR WARATAH FAMILY. 

With specially designed playing shirts for our girls and ladies, the club that is the oldest in Western Sydney, wants you to help write our exciting future!

So please click on the link ⬇️⬇️ and kindly complete the Expression of Interest to let us know you are ready to join our family: 



Summer Skill Program

Dear Waratahs, 

Unfortunately due to wet weather, the committee decided to postpone the start of the 
Summer Skill Program to Wednesday 12/10/22. This won’t impact the structure of the program as it still will be 8 sessions. 

Granville Waratah Committee. 

Our amazing AllAge Ladies team

💙💛***LADIES ON A ROLL💃🏻***💛💙
Our All Age Ladies team are having a blast of a season!
They opened the season with a loss on day 1 and from there they dusted themselves, got back into it and worked hard in training, with ups and downs along the way.
Their form in the last 4 games is impressive with 3 convincing wins and 1 draw 👏💪
Last night they had a very impressive game against a quality Newbury Bulls team. 🤩
The match had a tense finals feel about it with the girls showing a real fighting spirit, a well executed game plan and secured a 2-1 victory. 😎
Goals by Hosna and Rayann were fantastic! Player of the Match was Joy having a powerful game as right fullback.💃🏻 all the girls were simply amazing 💙💛
Congratulations ladies and well done to all players, team coach and club president Noel Dona.
This team is climbing the ladder and last night they made a very BIG statement!.
Ladies.. you have set your selves as an inspiration to all the young players and the club.
From the Waratah family, we are very proud of each one of you😍💪👏
Waratah Family watch our girls as they are doing us proud.✅

2022 Rule Changes

Updated 12-Apr-2022.

There have been some significant  rule changes for the 2022  season.  You can find the current (2022) full field laws of the game here.

A summary of the changes is available here.  The offical page for the changes is here and includes a presentation with videos that helps explain.

It seems the main changes of interest to us are around hand balls.   In particular, around when an accidental hand ball is considered a foul. Various things that might have been considered a hand-ball last year no longer are!  But, if an attacker scores “immediately” after an accidental handball – it is always a foul (no goal).  In the latter case “immediately” does depend a bit on the ref and what actually happens. It does depend a lot on the view the ref gets.  For players, as always, keep your hands a close to your body as practical and you have less chance of issues.   

Minor changes to other rules, e.g. “offside”: the lower part of the arm is no longer considered.   Also – If you try to use a “trick” to send the ball back to the keeper in breach of the rules, then you could get a yellow card.