Grand final results

Two great games of soccer. The Under 15s gave it their best and were well in the match until the final 5 minutes, but Lidcombe was too good for them on day, and we went down 3-1. It a a great effort boys!

The AAM/5 match marked the end of the 100th year of Granville Waratah playing Granville Kewpies (Is this the oldest derby in Australian sport?). This time is was the Waratahs!

Congratulations to the 2019 Granville Waratah AAM/5-WHT Grand Champions!!!

Trophy presentation day – Sunday the 22nd of September.

Our trophy presentation day will be Sunday, the 22nd of September.

Who will win the big trophies – “Bill Henderson Player of the year”, “Young player of the year” and “team of the year”?  

We will be running a different schedule this year – hoping to make it all run a bit fast with more fun.  More details soon.

Please note that we can’t hand out trophies or photos earlier then scheduled.

New Robin Thomas Amenities block

Planning for the new Robin Thomas Amenities block is finally underway.

Our current facilities, dating from the 1960s,  are in poor condition and we have been working with council for some time to have them replaced.  Planning was underway around 2014 before the light rail project started. That put a stop on it all.  Whilst we disagree with various parts of light rail design and its  impact on Robin Thomas, the plans are now set and our new facilities are being planned.

The existing club house and amenities buildings will be removed and a new building built, we think behind the existing amenities building.  This is currently expected to happen from September 2019 and be ready for the 2020 season. Of course this is dependent on a lot of things and we are hoping the existing amenities building can be kept until the new building is ready. But hopefully just one more season with the old stuff and then in 2020 our facilities finally move into the 21st Century!!

Artist impression of an older version of the plans – the layout has since changed but the style should be similar.

The current plans for the new building.