Registration for 2020 season has begun!

Registrations are now open for the 2020 season. Please use the link below to proceed directly to the club’s registration page:

Don’t forget that all NSW school children eligible for a Medicare card can claim a $100 rebate off the price of the 2019 registration! You should get the voucher number before registering. Please visit this link for more information:

Once the online registration is complete, there is still the Proof of Age step to complete, please keep an eye out for when the clubhouse will be open in February and bring your proof of ID in then. Once this is complete, your application to join the club will then be accepted.

If you experience any problems registering, feel free to contact the club. We are also taking registrations in person at the club house each Saturday in February.

Please Note: we send a welcome email to all new members, regardless if you have paid or have been approved yet.

If you do not receive our welcome email within 3 working days, please get in touch via mobile or email, or come into the clubhouse when we are open. See the Committee menu for contact details.

Dates and other information:

  • Tuesday 18th February: For players turning 7 this year or younger. Orientation day. 6pm.
  • Wednesday 19th February: For players turning 8 to 11 this year. Orientation day.
  • Training commences – first week of March.  For those turning 10 and under, training is most likely on Wednesdays from 6pm to 7 or 7:30.  Older ages to be determined.
  • Saturday morning games commence – most likely, Saturday the 4th of April. Those turning 10 and under will play with kick-off times from 8:30am to about 11:30am.  Game times for older players to be determined closer to the start of the season. All teams play a home/away series (one week at home, next week away in the local area)
  • Season finishes mid August (later for competition teams in the finals).
  • In addition to playing your registration fee, the only other cost is for team shorts ($20) and team socks ($10).  Returning players only if you need them.
  • Location – we will be playing out of Doyle Ground this year (and probably next year) whilst the light rail is constructed and Robin Thomas Reserve is renovated. Doyle Ground is just 800 metres North of Robin Thomas, on Macarthur Street. Official training will commence 1st March 2020 which is when council officially makes Doyle Ground available to us. For orientation days and Registration through February, we will still be at Robin Thomas