Coaches Wanted

Weather you have experience or you don’t, but love being involved in the world game working in a very rewarding environment, we would love to talk to you. 

Free Miniroos coaching course available. 

Contact Zac on 0410544109 

Young Female Waratahs

Dear Waratahs, 

This year the Association is introducing an All Girls Competition for the Miniroos Under 6 & 7’s. This is exciting news and we are looking forward to entering some teams.

Please register your daughter to play by clicking on the link below:
And don’t forget to claim your $100 Active Kids Voucher FIRST by clicking on the link below:
As we are the oldest club in the association, lets make history together.  

2022 Rule Changes

Updated 12-Apr-2022.

There have been some significant  rule changes for the 2022  season.  You can find the current (2022) full field laws of the game here.

A summary of the changes is available here.  The offical page for the changes is here and includes a presentation with videos that helps explain.

It seems the main changes of interest to us are around hand balls.   In particular, around when an accidental hand ball is considered a foul. Various things that might have been considered a hand-ball last year no longer are!  But, if an attacker scores “immediately” after an accidental handball – it is always a foul (no goal).  In the latter case “immediately” does depend a bit on the ref and what actually happens. It does depend a lot on the view the ref gets.  For players, as always, keep your hands a close to your body as practical and you have less chance of issues.   

Minor changes to other rules, e.g. “offside”: the lower part of the arm is no longer considered.   Also – If you try to use a “trick” to send the ball back to the keeper in breach of the rules, then you could get a yellow card.