2018 Rule change – introduction of the “sin-bin” (not for mini-roos)

We had a lot of rule changes last year.  There is just one significant change this year for the full field game, the introduction the “Sin Bin!”  Some of the details are association specific, for Granville Association the basic idea is you will be sent to sin bin for dissent!  10 minutes for Youth (18s) and Adults, 5 minutes for U12 to U16.  The rule may be different if you find yourself in other competitions (e.g. state cup).

More details below.

The Offical guidlines are found here, and the full 2018 rules here.  Below is a summary of how it is to work in Granville Association (from our Referee’s association).

  • Any player who is cautioned for dissent towards a match offical will be punished with a yellow card and a temporary dismissal (i.e. sin bin).  This will be 10 minutes for senior games (i.e. U18+) and 5 minutes for juniors.
  • The player must leave the field of play and stay seated in the technical area. The dismissal period starts when the player leaves the field.
  • The team can’t interchange the player and must play with one less player for the duration of the dismissal period.
  • The Referee will be the sole time keeper of the dismissal period.
  • Once the dismissal period is complete, the player is to stand near the half way line and wait for the Referee to call the player back onto the field. The Referee must wait for an appropriate time during the match or at a storage.  This may result in the dismissal period being slightly extended.
  • If the player is shown a second yellow card for any offence, including dissent towards a match offical, the player will be shown a red card for the second cation in the same match and can’t return.
  • If a team is reduced to 6 players or less, the match must not resume.
  • If the goalkeeper is cautioned for dissent towards a Match Offical, they may be replaced by an interchange player but the offending team must remove a current field player and play the temporary dismissal period with one less player.